Caitlin Larwood Oct 31, 2013
coco rocha interview No matter where she is, this woman stands out. This week was no exception when we caught up with Coco Rocha in NYC as she shopped for makeup underground …in the subway to be exact. L'Oréal Paris broke ground and upgraded the dreaded subway commute for Manhattan women by installing an Intelligent Color Experience in the Bryant Park subway station. In two minutes a subway goer can purchase an array of products customized to coordinate their outfit. Now that’s technology at its finest! And who else but tech-crazed fashion model Coco Rocha to demonstrate the process at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Team MDC caught up with Coco on makeup must-haves, rocking short hair and her personal beauty advice. We must know–what is your go to makeup right now? I’ve been sporting a lot of orange lipstick lately. I really just enjoy trying new things. Because of my short haircut, I have to constantly change up my makeup routine. I’ve noticed that a darker eye works far better than no eye at all. I’ve been doing a lot of smokey eyes, a lot of eyeliner in general. This morning I wanted to do thick eyeliner, but it’s a little early… So about this amazing haircut, what styles do you lean toward? So right now both sides are short, and it’s floppy on top—I can do greaser, vampy or slicked back. I like a good wet look—washing my hair, putting mousse in it and topping it off with a whole lot of [L'Oréal Paris] Elnett. My perfume right now is Elnett! How do you respond to people who think short hair limits your options? I don’t believe that short hair means less options, or that it is easier to style! With short hair, you have to do your hair every day plus doing hair means doing makeup. I can’t go to the store with hair done and no makeup. Now every day I leave the house in a full look, even if it is grocery shopping! What is your beauty advice? I say practice. When you get new product, play around with it. Don’t put it on and go right out. I see plenty of people try something and go out that night and Facebook photos are like what have I done to my face!? Practice, take photos, see what it looks like. And once you’ve got it down, keep doing it for a while. For example, I learned how to do eyeliner, and then you saw me for a year in eyeliner. I loved it! Then I moved on to try to get comfortable with other products. How would you describe your beauty style in one word? Confident. I am very confident with makeup. I want to really play around with it and I’m fine with it not being perfect. If it doesn’t look good one day, it’s okay, and I’ll get it right the next day. Photo: L'Oréal Paris


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