Diana Crisan Oct 17, 2014

With winter weather right around the corner, your hair is about to go through some serious changes! Prevent the brittle blues and take charge of your routine before the cold air takes charge of your mane. Simply switching up your shampoo and integrating masks and treatments full of moisturizing benefits will work wonders on your hair — seriously, wonders! Bump up your daily dose of hair care through the breezy season because cold weather is no match for a gal who’s prepared!

cold weather treatments

Hydrating Shampoo.
While the chilly air can do your cheeks a flushy favor, wind can wreak havoc on your luscious locks. Use a hydrating shampoo like Matrix Biolage HydraSource Shampoo to prevent hair from drying out and looking bristly all winter long. 

Scalp Treatment.
Colder months not only dry out your hair, but they can also leave your poor scalp feeling itchy and sensitive. No fun! Massage a small amount of Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Hair Reconstructing Concentrate with Rosemary Leaf and Avocado into your scalp before each shampoo to restore balance and moisture — it’ll leave your hair silky soft too!

Hot Oil Treatment.
Perfect for keeping hair happy and healthy, hot oil treatments miraculously battle frizz, dry ends and lackluster strands caused by the elements — and your favorite cold weather clothes. That’s right! Those knits and plush scarves can cause some serious breakage. An intense repair treatment like L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise: OleoTherapy Self-Heating Hot Oil will keep hair smooth and nourished, so that breakage doesn’t occur!

Deep Conditioning Mask.
The natural moisture in your hair tends to drastically deplete thanks to cold winter air mixed in with dry heat in your home. Enrich dehydrated hair by using a weekly mask with rich butters like Pureology Hydrate Hydracure Therapy Masque — use this time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows, of course)!

Smoothing Thermal Protectant.
Although you should be doing this all year long, skipping out on heat protectant during the cold season is a BIG no-no! Your ends are incredibly prone to damage now that moisture levels are low and hot tools can only worsen this winter woe — unless you properly prime hair for heat using Kérastase Paris Keratine Thermique before styling to beat frizz and tame flyaways.

What are your worst wintertime hair issues? Let us know in the comments below!



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