One of this season's hottest trends is color-blocking. The concept is simple: select two or more bold hues and combine them, often geometrically, to form one head-turning look. The trend can brighten up your wardrobe--and your makeup application, too. Here's how to create color-blocked eyeshadow. Start with a good base. A crease-proof primer like L'Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base works well. Then consider your color options wisely. The easiest approach is to focus on two colors only. For the traditionalist This look creates the ultimate contrast using shades on opposite sides of the color spectrum. To begin, use a matte white shadow from lash line to brow bone, making sure to blend the white out at your crease and above. Try: MAC Eye Shadow in Gesso. Next, grab a pencil-tipped brush and a matte black eyeshadow. Using a windshield wiper motion to apply, start at the outside of your crease, and work your way in. To ensure a high contrast, make sure the black shade does not deviate from the crease, and that it doesn't blend into the stark white on your lid. Finish with loads of mascara. Try: Lancome Color Design Sensational Eye Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in It List. For the adventurous Use the technique described above, but with pink instead of white, and dark purple instead of black. Keep your colors matte so that they aren't overpowering. Try: MAKEUP FOREVER Eye Shadow in Matte Dark Purple and MAC Eye Shadow in Passionate. Have you tried color blocking your makeup?   Photographer credit: Gregor Hočevar (Getty Images)

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