We don’t know about you, but whenever someone starts talking about undertones we get completely lost. That’s why we turned to makeup artist extraordinaire Elle Leary for this one, who offered some surprisingly quick and easy tips. Before we get ahead of ourselves, Leary reminds us: “your skin tone is different from your undertones.” Now that we’re all on the same page, ask yourself these two questions to determine if you have warm or cool undertones… Do I look better in silver or in gold? Expert Tip #1: Place a piece of gold jewelry, fabric or (our personal favorite) eyeliner on the inside of your wrist. Do the same with silver and see which one looks better. If both do (lucky you!), then you are neutral. If gold looks more complementary, then you have warm undertones. If silver does, then you have cool undertones. Do I tan or do I burn?   Expert Tip #2: If you were to go outside without sunscreen on would you burn or tan? If you burn for the most part you are cool, and if you tan you are warm. Are you warm or cool? Let us know if you tried these tests below! Photos: Thinkstock

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