From the iconic Brigitte Bardot, to the modern muse Adele, the cat eye is a classic beauty trend that’s been holding ground since the 1950's. As a make-up artist, I love recreating this flattering and feminine look for my clients, and my favorite way to freshen up the trend is to add a pop of colored liner. Winged eyeliner may seem difficult to master at first, but with a little patience and practice, it can become as easy as putting on lipstick. Summer is a great time to experiment with different colors, so I created a simple step-by-step guide to perfect color winged eyeliner below. how to color your cat eye linerStep One Using a small eyeliner brush dipped in gel or cream liner, draw the angle for your wing first in the outer corner of the lid. Working backwards is actually the perfect way to set up the shape of the line, and drawing the angle first gives you a guide on how far you want to extend it. Step Two Start at the highest point of the angle with your brush, and draw a slanted line to the inner corner of your eye. Don’t worry if the line isn’t perfect–you can smooth over it a few times with your brush. Step Three Fill in the uncolored portion with your brush and eyeliner. You can build the pigment to be as sheer or bold as you want. Step Four Finish with three coats of volumizing mascara. Expert Tip: You can turn any black eyeliner into colored liner by applying eye shadow on top. Using metallic shadow will give an immediate shimmer and pop of color to the lid! Product Recommendations: Aqualillies for tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Splash (seen on model); Lancôme Liner Designer Long Wear Calligraphy Gel Eyeliner in Purple Jewels; Becca Ultimate Crème Eyeliner in Shimmery Ivy Ready to try a colored cat eye? Fill us in with a comment below! Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Rebecca


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