Jan 23, 2015

Heart-shaped faces are easy to spot in a crowd. They’re the ones who tend to have more fullness on the cheeks and narrower chins — this face shape is true to its name.Makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor advises that since there’s more width across the forehead, “you want to use a little contour along the hairline and under the cheekbones.” Here are a few more tips on contouring for heart-shaped faces:

heart face
Temples and Cheeks

The outer corners of the forehead, temples and cheeks are good places to contour first. Use a bronze contouring shade that will intensify the skin’s natural tones and draw attention toward the softer corners, like NYX Cosmetics Wonder Stick. Think of a swooping "3" shape when you’re doing this.

Forehead, Chin and Nose

Using the highlighting shade in your contouring palette, sweep across the forehead in large, generous strokes, as well as beneath the chin and the bridge of the nose. Further define the nose with the contouring shade.

The result is a beautifully sculpted face with soft corners and less boxy lines. Now that's a heart-shaped face to truly love!

How do you contour your heart-shaped face? Share in the comments below!

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