Want to expertly contour your square-shaped face? Your face is well- angled, and the idea here is to soften the corners to make them more rounded. The key is to soften the jawline. “You can also soften the forehead to get a rounder look,” says makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. Here's how to contour a square-shaped face:

contour square face
Cheek Hollows

With good contouring and highlighting shades in hand, like NYX Cosmetics Wonder Sticks, suck in your cheeks to reveal a 45-degree angle from your cheekbones to your lips. Use the contour stick (it will be the darker shade) in brisk strokes along this angle. These will soften the sharper angles of the face and make them rounder. Use a bronzer to blend the color well and soften the lines.


Using a contour brush, apply the darker bronzing shade to the edges of your forehead to give these areas more definition (an inch or two away from the hairline is fine). Using a few swift strokes, use a touch of powder to make the edges of the forehead darker by contrast; softening the upper corners of the face makes the square-shape look less boxy.


Next, use the brush to deliver the same contouring and bronzer shades (contour first, bronze later). Soften the jawline by applying the colors in brisk, swift strokes and blend.

What's your contouring secret for your square face? Share in the comments!


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