When it comes to beauty for the everyday girl, Team MDC has you covered in spades. But even the most bona fide beauty experts can use a little inspiration straight from the runway. Our friends at Beautystreams specialize in breaking down the latest trends in high fashion so that you can make the look work for you, catwalk optional. Pink has never looked prettier. Goth and punk may have their moments, but spring is the season to rediscover the beauty of the awakening world. Before “proper” women wore cosmetics, they took brisk walks in the countryside to put color in their cheeks; only fresh air could impart the flush that spoke of good health and a lively spirit. These days, you can achieve this flushed glow in the comfort of your own home, no outdoor walks required (though a good walk never hurt anyone!). country rose makeup Bora Aksu’s Spring 2014 collection is infused with pretty floral shades of pink, yellow and blue. On the runway, these designs were nicely complemented by a rosy-cheeked glow created by generously applying blush to the lower cheekbones. To enhance the eyes while keeping the overall effect subtle, the makeup artists behind the scenes used a hint of pink shadow accentuated by a touch of dark mascara and liner. Translucent foundation provides a gentle base, while lips are soft and creamy, rosy pink yet natural, so the look never becomes exaggerated. In keeping with the effects of a walk in the countryside, hair can be loose and unkempt, pulled back in an effortless updo. Aksu’s model looks as though she swept her hair back with a comb in an attempt to tame her windblown locks after an outdoor excursion. To get this look yourself, head on over to see our Country Rose tutorial. Whether carefree or composed, a fresh-faced, rosy complexion makes the most of a woman’s beauty. A twinkling eye, a flushed cheek, the bloom of health; what could be more natural?   Is pink your favorite go-to shade for spring? Would you wear this look? Check out our tutorial here!    Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images, Ben Stansall / Stringer


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