Jan 28, 2015

Pesky pimples are no one’s friend. You’ve probably covered them with concealer more than once, but are you doing it the right way? Try this oh-so-easy trick and find out!

cover-up trick
Foundation First

Before you conceal anything on your face, apply your favorite foundation (we love L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous). This will take care of smaller problem spots, as well as minimize the larger ones, so you’ll know just which zits need the most attention.

Use a Brush

Use a small, precise brush, like Lancôme Concealer Brush #8, so you can target a very specific area.

Banish From Below

Dip your brush into a thick, creamy concealer, like NYX Cosmetics Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer. Concentrate on covering the underside of the blemish by starting at its bottom and brushing in upward strokes.

This is the secret: Large pimples cast a shadow on the skin, calling even more attention to the problem spot. Since the red part of the pimple has already been washed out by foundation, you should worry about the shape instead. By contouring it to look flat, the pimple immediately becomes less noticeable.

What are your best blemish-concealing tricks? Tell us in the comments!

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