Deven Hopp Apr 3, 2014
Think back to shoulder pads and leg warmers, the age of Walkmans and VCRs, a time when MTV actually contained music-driven programming and the original Dallas dominated prime-time television ratings. That’s right, we’re throwing it back to ’80s. A decade that gave us numerous hairstyles we’d prefer to forget (mall bangs and mullets, anyone?) and one that’s worth a second look: crimped hair. Crimped hair reached the peak of its popularity in the mid 1980s, but has returned to the fashion and beauty scene sporadically throughout the years. You may not be ready to don a wild mane of root-to-tip kinks, but a crimped ponytail is fresh and just as fun. Feeling adventurous? Dust off your old crimper and try this three-tiered pony that professional beauty guru Elyse Reneau created for us (cotton-candy pink hair extension optional). crimped hair
  1. Spray a heat protectant and crimp the top layer of hair. Start at the root, press down firmly and move down the length of the hair.
  2. Tease the crown, pull hair into a ponytail and tease the top of pony for a little extra bump of volume.
  3. Grab a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. If you happen to be using a colored extension, pull out a section that includes both your own hair and the colored hair.
  4. Move a few inches down the ponytail and add a second hair tie. Puff that section up by lightly pulling the strands loose.
  5. Repeat step 4 as many times as you please and rock your crimped pony with all the confidence of an ’80s pop princess.
  What hair trends from the past would you like to revisit? Tell us below and you could see your favorite ’do recreated on!   Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography Hair:Elyse Reneau Model: Erin Laine


About the Author:When Deven's not behind the scenes producing our photo shoots, she's behind her computer writing about everything from nail art to new lipstick.

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