Friday: two syllables just taste so good when they hit the lips. As the weekend creeps closer, we tend to look for ways to elevate our beauty routine from simple to glamorous, without spending the whole night primping and prodding. To satiate our desire for retro elegance that’s quick to come by, we got a step by step tutorial from professional hairstylist Jackson Simmonds of Julien Farel Salon at Langham Place for his take on modern, easy Veronica Lake-inspired curls.  curling iron tutorial 1. For a retro style, your curls should start about halfway down your head. Hold the curling iron so the clamp is at the center of the hair (instead of the top) and rotate outward. 2. Separating hair into one inch sections, repeat step one all over your head. 3. To add even more polish, go back through your hair and make sure all of your ends are curled. If some of your ends are straighter than others, wrap them around the barrel quickly. 4. Once all of your hair is curled, marry your separate curls together into big waves by twisting the hair with your fingers. 5. To keep the curls soft and the top flat, gently brush out the top of your hair and spritz gently with hairspray to keep your strands in place. Next, grab your flirtiest dress, favorite beverage, and pretend Monday will never come. Would you try this weekend hairdo? Let us know in the comments! Photos: Rebecca Dale Photography for Model: Our very own Carolyn Hsu


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