Oh, the wonders and undeniable appeal of curly hair. Men want to run their fingers through it; nearly all women envy it and go to great lengths to achieve it via appliances and pricey treatments. Romantic images of a golden-haired princess with a halo of perfect ringlets running through a sunlit field come to mind. Reality check: Curly hair can often be more of a curse than a blessing. Frizz, tangles and unruly locks are a daily battle that straight-haired vixens just can’t seem to comprehend. Here are 10 problems faced by curly-haired ladies.

curly hair

1. Hair accessories are your lifelines. An awesome morning bob will end up looking like you’ve been electrocuted later in the day if you haven’t taken steps to control the style. Accessories like clips, elastics and headbands should always be on hand in case of emergency.

2. You are in a constant state of tangled.
Curly manes react in the same way as a Slinky does when you throw it down the stairs with 19 other Slinkys. It tangles into an overwhelming mess. Regular conditioning helps to reduce tangling and keeps your locks in tact (we recommend Pureology Illuminating Curl).

3. A haircut is as strategic as planning your retirement.
Unfortunately, some of the trendy hairstyles that are gracing the pages of beauty and fashion magazines are just not options for the ringlet-rocking ladies. We suggest layering your hair to give it volume and dimension.

4. Even the most everyday encounters can be catastrophic.
Seat belts, zippers and long purse straps are just a few of many weapons of hair destruction. Word of advice: If you’re out and about, tame your locks in a loose ponytail or bun.

5. Curly hair does not equal thick hair.
If you fall into the thin-but-curly category, be gentle when taming the hair! Use a wide-tooth comb to ease out tangles and brush gently to prevent breakage.

6. Nighttime maintenance is a non-negotiable.
Unfortunately just falling into bed after a long, hard day is just not an option. (Don’t believe us? Check out #10.) Wrapping or braiding your hair loosely at night keeps it from looking like a bird’s nest in the morning. If you’ve got short hair, consider pincurls to keep hair tangle-free while sleeping.

7. Faux volume can be an issue
. Feel like teasing your hair for a little boost in body? Think again! Curly hair is super delicate. If you tease your hair, prepare for a bumpy ride ahead. Recovery is a long, hard road riddled with combs and ouch-worthy detangling.

8. Pretty, effortless-looking curls actually require a lot of effort.
Making curls look shiny and carefree is quite a process: Shampoo, condition, air-dry, fluff gently with fingers, add styling product, dry again, strategically frame your face with select coils and, finally, anchor with hairspray. We’re exhausted just thinking about it!

9. Touching of the hair is a no-no.
After all the work that went into making your curls manageable and presentable, you can’t have anyone messing with your masterpiece. Keep a two-foot personal space perimeter around yourself at all times.

10. The dreaded half-and-half dilemma. Sometimes you awake to a travesty:  half your hair is curly and the other half is straight.  We suggest either staying in bed, wearing a hat or resorting to a tried-and-true ponytail. 

Photography: Michael Maples
Makeup Artist: Tara Shakespeare
Model: Chy Fontenette

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