Jessica Hagy Sep 13, 2013
curly hair solutions There are few things as gorgeous as a head of perfectly curled strands, but unfortunately curls usually come with a bit of necessary maintenance. The curly-haired on our team know all too well that frizz, tangles and poof are always lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce. To help you combat 4 of the most common curly hair concerns, we reached out to Jenny Balding, Redken Styling, Grooming Expert for her advice on taming the tendrils like a pro.


The most common curly haired challenge of all? The dreaded f-r-i-z-z. According to Balding, combatting the wild wisps is a four step process.
  1. To begin, “you need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo that’s very gentle on the hair—for example the Redken Curvaceous Shampoo and Conditioner—which is very hydrating,” Balding says.  
  2. Next, make sure you dry your hair properly. Instead of rubbing your head with a towel, “just blot it dry gently. This is particularly important with curly hair, because the cuticle isn’t lying flat to begin with,” and frayed cuticles cause frizz.
  3. Next comes product, and application is key, Balding says. “If you apply product when the hair’s soaking wet, it’s going to dilute the product, which means something that you think is going to be working very well, isn’t going to and you might end up with frizz.” Not sure which fizz-fighting product to use? “Whether your hair is medium, thick of fine, I recommend Redken Curvaceous Ringlet—it just gives a bit more control and definition and eliminates the frizz as well, but in a very light way,” Balding says.
  4. Once your product is applied, Balding suggests letting hair air-dry. “Twist really large sections in it, from root to end, going in the direction of the curl. Twisting will create a bit more curl definition, and eliminate frizz, because you’re tucking in the top layer of the hair slightly underneath so hair won’t get that airy, frizzy feel.”

Crunchy Curls

Using too much product in your curls can result in crunchy strands. To perfect the application, Balding suggests wait until your hair is damp, not wet, and section off three big sections. “That way you can get through from roots to ends, covering every single part, and then comb through with a large comb, to make sure your product is evenly distributed,” she says.  

Morning Mayhem

When your hair has major volume and curve, it’s harder to wake up without strands that don’t resemble a bird’s nest. To avoid the morning mayhem and limit frizz, “braid your hair, so you’re locking the texture into a mold,” Balding suggests. “Also, depending on the curl, top knots are a great way to create a flexible wave in your hair that’s still defined. They’ll ensure you won’t wake up with the back damp, and the front frizzy and dry.”  


If your curls are packing a little too much volume ditch the poof with product. “For mega-curly hair, I recommend Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl, it’s a cream serum that really seals in the moisture, gives definition, stops frizz, and makes hair really shiny as well. A cream serum is ideal for people that have really thick, full-bodied curls, because they will weigh down and elongate the hair for a calmer looking curl." Have any other curly hair tips? Leave them below for our experts to tackle! P.S. Interested in trying the Redken Curvaceous products Jenny Balding loves? We’re giving away the deluxe trial kits. Get yours here! Photo: Thinkstock


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