What's in Danielle Firsich's Makeup Bag?

Do you ever wish you could approach a stylish woman on the street and ask what essentials she carries in her makeup bag? Well, we're checking in for you.
Name: Danielle Firsich
Location: New York
Where she's from: Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation: Graduate student at Columbia University and bartender in the Lower East Side
What music she's into at the moment: "Anything I can dance around to. I've been listening to a lot of European electropop lately, like Skrillex."
What are her holiday plans: "I'm going home. I am going to visit my family and my sister is turning 21 and then a good friend is getting married. I have a lot pegged in a little time, but I'm excited."
What are her favorite clothing stores: "I just stocked up on winter clothes. I shop at a lot of goofy stores in SoHo. Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet are heaven-sent."

What's in her makeup bag:
  • MAC Lipstick: "I love MAC lipsticks. They stick, and they're incredible. I usually carry a couple versions of them with me. I love dark purples and reds a lot. I look like an idiot in really light lipsticks!"
  • Sephora Collection Doe Eyed Felt Eyeliner: "I'm a grad student so it's often just whatever I can afford and can make work. I just grabbed this at Sephora and it's not expensive."
  • Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara: "I’ve always used this mascara. For some reason, it’s always worked better than anything I’ve ever used. It’s just so smooth, it really does separate lashes and I really like the brush."
  • YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres: "Many of my friends work in fashion. When they are on shoots, they end up with free makeup that they give to me. One of my friends just gave me a bunch of YSL eye shadows that are pretty cool. I like a lot of color because I think you should have fun with how you look."
  • OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in Gold Shatter: "This crackly polish looks pretty cool. I’ve been using black nail polish with the gold on top, which I love. I’m not really a gold person. I’m normally a silver and black person. But I'm converting and getting more into it."
Thanks, Danielle. Look out for new makeup bag disclosures every week!

Photos: Ben Pier for Makeup.com



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