Jessica Hagy Nov 25, 2013
dark skin makeup tips Whether you’re fair, olive, or dark-skinned, choosing the right cosmetic colors can be intimidating. “Does this blush work on me? Does this shadow complement my skin tone? Does this lipstick make me look washed out?” –they’re all questions that float through the mind of beauty-lovers and product junkies. To offer some guidance on the most flattering shades for dark skin, we chatted with professional makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar, for his expert take. 

Blush Naturally

“Blush is designed to look like a natural flush of the cheek, so the darker your skin is the deeper your natural flush would be so pick the blush color accordingly. Any color can be chosen to add color to the cheek even brighter ones but they should be used more as a pop of color layered on top of the deeper toned blush,” Almodovar says.

Choose Warm Bronzers

When contouring, keep in mind “the best shades are ones that are warm. Don't use anything too cool, as they could look ashy on your skin. Use a very warm bronzer and dust it along the cheekbones, hairline and jawline with a big fluffy brush,” he suggests.

Enjoy Endless Lipstick Choices

One of the best benefits of dark skin is when it comes to lip colors, “you can really wear anything,” Almodovar says. “I love plums, deep cherries and dark reds on darker skin tones. Once again colors that look the most natural!” 

Embrace Metallics

“I find the best eyeshadows for darker skin tones are bronzes, coppers and golds. They are the most flattering and neutral. They compliment the skin and enhance the eyes,” Almodovar says. If you’re ready give gold shadow a whirl, don’t miss this tutorial on how to nail the trend. 

Combine Colors for an Even Complexion

“Complexion on dark skin can be the trickiest aspect of your makeup application. Darker skin tends to have hyper-pigmentation, which results in uneven skin tone. The perimeter of the face is usually darker where the inner area of the face tends to be lighter. To solve this, blend two different foundations and finish with concealer,” Almodovar says.   What makeup colors do you like best on your skin? We love to hear—leave us a comment below! Photo: Dan Wolner


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