Dec 23, 2014

Bored with your reflection? One fun way to change things up is by reshaping your eyebrows. Here are five styles to try:

eyebrow shapes

The Fifties Classic

If you're going for old-school glam, take one end of the pencil — we love Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Des Sourcils —to your nose tip and the other to the eye's corner to measure, and always draw no further than where the pencil reaches your brow line. Shade in a rounded arch, with the rise hitting just above the apples of your cheeks.

Eighties Strong

Go bold and shade in thick lines running parallel to your eye shape, like long, thinned-out triangles.

The Ultimate Curve

To get a medium, rounded arch, shade in an upside down "C" following your natural arch, like the fifties classic, but staying round.

Straight and Sexy

Sophisticated yet edgy, get this look by shading in a strong, thick line and dragging your natural arch out if needed, to the corners of your eyelid. Keep the tail short.

The Modern Arch

Softly angled and thinner, this is a delicate brow. Shade in an arch that rises just slightly above the apples of the cheeks and has a medium tail.

What's your favorite brow shape? Tell us in the comments!

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