Editor’s Note: Makeup.com brings you the best hair, makeup and nail advice from the beauty industry’s top artists. Today, we’re thrilled to have celebrity nail artist Kait Mosh show us how to create geometric nail art from the comfort of home using shades from essie’s latest launch: the Gel Couture line. Take it away, Kait.


Summer is all about having fun, and what better place to start than your nails? Think of your nail beds as a blank canvas that is waiting to receive your creativity.  I challenge you to ditch your classic nail look this season and experiment with shapes and colors instead. Go ahead—break out your polishes and werk your angles with this geometric mani design!

video tutorial of geometric nail art

SUPPLIES: essie Gel Couture nail polish in the following three shades

STEP 1:  Start with clean, manicured nails that have been wiped clean with alcohol or acetone.

STEP 2:  Apply two coats of base color Take Me to Thread to each of your nails. Allow two to three minutes for the polish to dry before moving on to step three.

STEP 3: Paint one coat of Zip Me Up over the top corner of each nail, making sure all lines are straight to achieve a sleek, geometric effect. Allow to dry completely.

STEP 4: Paint two coats of Style In Excess over the bottom corner of your nails, directly below the top corner from Step 3, in order to create a triangle. Again, keep your lines straight, and allow the nails to dry before moving on to the final step.

STEP 5: Finish with the essie gel-setter Top Coat to preserve your nail art for up to two weeks.


Will you try this at home? Let us know in the comments below!

And to learn how to create more cutting-edge nail art like this, visit Kait’s YouTube channel The Fashion Finger.

Photography: Joshua Spencer

Model: Janice Kim

Nails: Kait Mosh

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