Flyaways. Yet another term that may baffle your boyfriend, but one that you are all too familiar with. Those pesky little hairs can ruin your super sleek slicked back pony or take your top-knot from effortlessly undone to frizz-ridden mess. The worst part is they tend to spring up once the rest of your style is set in place. And sometimes no matter how many times you re-do your ‘do, those teeny tiny wispies just won’t go. So instead of brushing out your style (taking a hairbrush to your hairline typically does more harm than good) or starting over, let us suggest this quick 1-minute fix. All you need is a clean toothbrush and a can of hairspray. diy tame flyaways 5 seconds: Gather your supplies. We used our trusty Garnier Fructis Style Full Control Hairspray. 5 seconds: Spritz the toothbrush with a light mist of hairspray. 30-45 seconds: Using a light touch, gently brush over any flyaways or areas that need smoothing. 0-15 seconds: If you foresee future struggles with a particularly troublesome spot, give it a final spray to hold it all in place. Total Time: 1 minute (or less)! And there you have it–a fast fix for your flyaways that won’t comprise your coif. Quick Tip: if you leave the house with every hair in place only to find flyaways springing up hours later, pack a pre-spritzed toothbrush in a plastic bag for on the go touch-ups. Will you try this 1-minute fix? Let us know below!

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