Caitlin Larwood Aug 30, 2013
dj interview The first step is admitting those four little words. “I’m a product junkie,” NYC-based DJ, personality and blogger JaKissa Taylor-Semple, or more commonly DJ Kiss, told MDC. She went there—and we followed up. With just one quick glance at DJ Kiss on the turntables, it is easy to pick up on her vibrant, fun-loving, dance the night away contagious energy. With the large number of late nights and crowded parties this girl attends, we wanted to understand the in’s and out’s of her approach to beauty. We had an opportunity to speak with her at a recent event to celebrate Nordstrom’s launch of Beauty Spot. Check out what she had to say! dj kiss interview First of all, how would you describe your beauty style in just one word? Classic. No, wait, that’s too boring. Let me give you something else. Classic is definitely true but I would also say colorful. You’ll never catch me without color. I need color! We love your day to night transition beauty tips for Nordstrom Beauty Spot. If you only have time for one product application before heading out, what is it? In general, during the day I usually focus on my lip color and during the night I focus on my eyes. But with that being said, with only one product to transition, I would go with a lip color. You can wear a softer color during the day and then really amp it up for the night out. How are you transiting your lip color from summer to fall? My go-to lip color for the summer has been a sheer pink. For the Fall I would like to experiment with a deep burgundy. I’ve seen people try it on the red carpet a little already and I’m obsessed, but I am still trying to figure out the best shade for my complexion. Who is your beauty icon? This girl is going to think I’m stalking her but Kerry Washington. I always say she is my fashion icon, but honestly she’s my beauty icon too! She’s gorgeous and not afraid to try trends. I saw her recently do an almost nude face—it takes a lot of courage to do that! What is your best beauty advice? Pick something that is your favorite feature—although it can change all the time. Mine is my lips—I can’t avoid them! When I was younger I would say ‘ah my lips are so big’ and I would try to minimize them. As I’ve gotten older, I realized ‘hello-people buy these lips!’ Find your one beauty feature and play that up. It is what makes you unique. Photo: Courtesy of DJ Kiss


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