What’s better than one braid? TWO … plus a pony. This surprisingly simple look is great because it works for both a lazy Sunday or hectic workday! So, grab your texturizing spray, a few elastic bands and let’s get braiding!

Double Braid Pony

Step 1. Spray roots with a dry volumizing and texturizing product like Kérastase V.I.P. for some added body and grip. 

Step 2. Split the top half of your hair down the middle into two sections. Grab of the front sections, and begin braiding it back in a Dutch braid (also known as the underhanded or "inside-out" French Braid).  Make sure to not braid down to the neck. Instead stop gathering hair once you hit the top of the ears.

Step 3. Repeat on the other side and gather the two braids together. Secure with an elastic. Gather the loose hair with the braids and create one, complete ponytail.

Step 4. Using a strand of hair from your pony, wrap this piece around the elastic band to cover it completely.

Step 5. Lightly tug at the plaits to make them appear fuller and thicker. Finish your look by spritzing some Kérastase Laque Couture to set your braid and smooth out any flyaways.

If you’re looking for some more braid inspo, check out The Couture Book of Braids by Kérastase!

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Photo: Lauren Rote
Hair: Craig Wcislo
Model: Roxi Fernandez


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