As much as we're in awe every time we see a complex, competition-winning manicure, we can't deny the appeal of basic nail art. No more than three colors used and the ease of knowing that we did it all on our own with minimal post-manicure clean up is how we enjoy dressing up our tips. It's what we like to call a bit of "minimum effort, maximum return"–a saying we reserve for manicures and messy buns. One basic nail look we can't get out of our system is the half moon manicure. We've got this look on lock and we've even reverse half-moon manicured it like a bunch of pros! But, we're not ready to quit the half moon trend quite yet. We love the look, and are ready to invest in a life-time supply of circle stickers to keep this manicure on our tips for years to come (it's been worn since the 20s, so you know it's classic). But when you can do the half moon manicure with your eyes shut, it's time to up the ante and test your skills. Enter the double half moon manicure. Here's how to get the look...  double half moon Supplies Hole Reinforcement Stickers Lancôme Vernis in Love 350M Rose The Planks a Lot by OPI American Apparel Nail Polish in Factory Grey Directions
  1. After you’ve prepped your nail with a good base coat, apply one layer of your rosy mauve hue. This will be the exposed bottom color or the half moon closest to your cuticle.
  2. Once dry, apply a hole reinforcement sticker about a fourth of the way up your nail.
  3. Polish one coat of your second color on the exposed part of the nail. This color, the grey, will be the second half moon of your manicure.
  4. Again, wait for the lacquer to dry. Then apply another hole reinforcement sticker about half way up the nail from the base.
  5. Using your third nail polish, apply one coat to the exposed nail. Then let dry.
  6. Remove the sticker, brush on some top coat and voila! You’ve now decked out in half moon manicure mania!
What manicure are you dying to see us recreate? Let us know in the comments below!


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