Angela Melero Aug 15, 2014

In today’s digital world, we are able to send and receive greetings in the blink of an eye and in various forms: text messaging, email, video, etc. However, despite all these high-tech forms of communication, you have to admit there’s still something super special about receiving a physical greeting card. Even the simplest of messages has a way of warming our hearts because of the fact that there was some thought and effort behind it. As self-proclaimed suckers for the greeting card, we thought we would contribute to the movement by creating some fun and fabulous templates of our own. These girly cards are great for any type of friendly messaging, whether it’s encouraging your BFF after a bad day, telling Mom you love her “just because” or even sending a simple thank you to someone. So what are you waiting for? Print, sign, send and spread the love!


Click here to download the "Kiss & Makeup" Greeting Card!

Click here to download the "Just Because" Greeting Card!

Who will you send love to?
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