Here at, we are lucky enough to have a panel of experts sound off on your pressing beauty questions. In this article, Craig Wcislo—hair stylist and Kérastase Educator—offers tips on how to repair dry, damaged hair.

You vacationed in Hawaii. Explored Burning Man. Hiked the Adirondack trail. Or ... maybe you’ve just been flat ironing your hair every day this summer.

Now your ends are paying the price and you want to do something about it. Short of shaving your head, what are your options? It may be time to re-evaluate your styling choices. Heat styling tools and texture sprays can make your hair look great, but if you stray too far from what your hair can do naturally, there may be a trade off with the condition of your hair. Let’s look at the different types of damage to see what your options are.

How to Fix Dry Hair

Add Moisture to Dry Hair

When your comb gets stuck and won’t slide through your hair while brushing, it means your hair is dry and the cuticle is roughed up. Adding moisture to your hair will do two things—add suppleness and softness, and help the cuticle lay more smoothly so it doesn’t tangle as much.

If your hair needs serious help, go with the big guns and schedule an in-salon treatment with your stylist. I recommend the Kérastase Protocole Immunité, which helps moisture bind to the cortex of the hair for the highest concentration of hydration ever! Follow up at home with the leave-in Crème Magistrale balm, and your hair will sigh with relief.

How to Fix Dry Hair

Repair & Rebuild Damage

If your hair is clearly weakened and breaking, you have to rebuild those bonds now while you can! Use the Bain Force Architecte Shampoo and Masque Force Architecte to reconstruct brittle, damaged hair by rebuilding and strengthening the hair fiber.

How to Fix Dry Hair

Heal Split Ends

If you’re dealing with split ends, Fibre Architecte from the same range acts like a topcoat for your nail polish, but for your ends! Apply to hair from mid-length to ends, then flat iron or blowdry hair to seal and protect your strands from splitting further.

How to Fix Dry Hair

Schedule a Haircut

When all else fails, this may be time to try a new cut and style. Whatever the reason for your dry hair (regular color treatments, an obsession with your curling iron, regular trips to the beach), snipping off those dead ends is a quick and easy way to hit the refresh button on your hair.

Try a new cut that works with your hair’s natural texture or a color that is closer to your own. Talk to your stylist about what won’t push your hair quite so far, but will still make you feel hip, cool, and beautiful. That’s not asking for much, right? Work with your hair instead of against it, and I guarantee it will look better.


Do you have any tips to share on how to repair damaged hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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