Dec 19, 2014

Many of us religiously use dry shampoo to extend the time between shampoos and/or to revive our hairstyles as we go from desk to dinner. It can be an awesome time-saver, but there are also tons of uses for dry shampoo we may not always consider. Here are three to keep in mind!

dry shampoo tricks

Hair Texturizer

Makeup artist and beauty expert Christina Marrale says you can create texture and add definition to beach waves by spritzing in a bit of dry shampoo. Simply flip your hair over and focus the application on the ends of hair.

Brow Tamer

Dealing with unruly brows? Spray a bit of dry shampoo, such as Kérastase Powder Bluff, onto your pointer finger, then use it to lightly coat the brows. This will help maintain their shape and lend some overall thickness, Marrale says.

Shine Minimizer

If you’re noticing some shine on your skin, lightly spray a touch of dry shampoo on your face after you’ve finished touching up your makeup. It’ll help to set the look and absorb excess oils.

What unique uses have you found for dry shampoo? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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