Ask the Experts: How to Remedy Dry, Ravaged by Winter Hair

remedy dry winter hair
Dry, brittle, dull…the winter season has not been kind to our hair. In fact, we find ourselves reaching for our hats more often than not nowadays, just to ignore the fact our locks seem to have entered full hibernation mode. We dream of the days when our hair was cooperative, shiny and full of life. Le sigh.
Before we let ourselves get any further in this downward spiral, we're going to put our feet down and take a stand. That's right - we think it's officially time to put a stop to dull, ravaged by winter hair, once and for all. We stand here on our podium type to you from our headquarters and shake a fist at Old Man Frost – his hold over our hair is over! With celebrity hairstylist Ruth Roche on our side, we’re here to help you banish brittleness and once again restore shine, luster and softness to the kingdom that is your hair.  Here’s how…

At Home:

1. Clarify
Clarifying is the first step in restoring shine and body to your locks. Over time, all those creams, leave-in conditioners and serums can build up in your hair, leaving it looking dull and dirty. To remedy this, Roche suggests using a purifying shampoo like Pureology Purify Shampoo to remove build-up and restore your hair to its natural, bouncy self.
2. Strengthen
We have two words for you: hair mask. The same way you treat your skin, you should pamper your hair with a hair mask once every week to soften your hair follicle and give it a dose of moisture. Roche notes that a good hair mask will not only make your hair feel healthier, but it will add suppleness and elasticity to your strands. We love Kérastase Masque Nutri-Thermique because locks nourishment deep into the core fiber of your hair.

At the Salon:

1. Trim
Sometimes, you just have to take to the shears. Your ends tend to be much drier and damaged than the hair closer to your scalp, says Roche, so snipping them away might be just what you need for a fresh start. Have separation anxiety with your hair? We’ve got your covered – just make sure you ask your stylist these five questions before he starts cutting. 
2. Brighten
When all else fails, a salon gloss will always pull through. “A brightening color gloss will add shine and luster to your hair,” says Roche. This is a great option for those of you who regularly color or highlight – a tinted gloss usually lasts four to six weeks and can give your color a boost between dye sessions. MDC tip: They’re also a great way to get rid of brassiness in blondes.
What are you winter hair remedies? Share them with us below!
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