Jane Marie Oct 25, 2012

We are sharing the tips, tricks and all the best there is to know about living your life beautifully. In this edition of the series, Beauty Squad member Jane Marie conjures her makeup skills to get ready for trick-or-treating.

Once a year, the question comes up. What to be for Halloween? Rather than first deciding on a costume and then going through all the trouble of trying to figure out how to successfully put it together, how about trying some reverse-engineering? Figure out which makeup look you've already mastered and find a costume that matches it.   The makeup look: Goth. This look is for you if: You have the season's mulberry lipstick in hand and just haven't gotten the nerve to wear it yet. The costumes: Okay, I'm going to give away my husband's and my costume. The man and I are going as Grant Wood's American Gothicwith goth makeup and hair. In a similar vein, you could do "Goth With the Wind" and be an incredibly brooding Scarlett O'Hara. More straightforward ideas would be The Bride of Frankenstein (above), Elvira or Edward Scissorhands. Or, simply be a goth teenager. The method: Use a foundation and powder much lighter than your skin tone, and skip blush. Apply tons of black eyeliner everywhere—on your eyebrows, waterline, lash line, lip line. Add black eye shadow on your lids and under the lower lids—it's okay to be messy here! And finally reach for the darkest lipstick you can find. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to paint your hair and nails black.   The makeup look: Bombshell. This look is for you if: You're already a pinup girl. The costumes: Well, obviously, if you're already a pinup girl, you could just go as yourself and tell everyone you're Marilyn Monroe. Or choose any one of the Real Housewives or Basketball Wives or Footballers' Wives. The method: You want glossy beige-pink or matte red lips, rosy cheeks and a smoky eye with that almost-white highlighter on the middle of the lid and under the brow. Then don't forget a little bronzer and huge false lashes.   The makeup look: All gold everything. This look is for you if: A quick rummage through your makeup stash turns up a blinding amount of glitter, preferably in gold or silver. The costumes: Fairy dust, a young Statue of Liberty, an Oscar or Emmy award, Donnie Darko's Sparkle Motion or Sacagawea: The Commemorative Coin. The method: After you've rummaged through all of your makeup to find everything that has any glitter in it, put it all on at once. If there's anything missing—for example, a gold lipstick—get this YSL Golden Gloss, which you can later layer over pink lipsticks for a less metallic look.   The makeup look: Mod. This look is for you if: You have a bit of Edie Sedgwick inside. The costumes: Here, you could just play it straight and be Megan Draper from Mad Men or Dita Von Teese or Twiggy, as long as you have the bods and actual clothes to boot. An easier angle? Dead mods! Vespa accident. Or beat poet, with "beat" meaning "beat up." Just make your white button-up shirt and your nose all bloody! The method: Apply all-over foundation and light—almost white—matte eye shadow. Create thick penciled brows and a nude lip. Finish with a heavy cat eye. Lancôme Artliner is my new cat-eye must-have.   The makeup look: Braided lady. This look is for you: If you weave your strands at least once a week. The costumes: It's still October, so an obvious choice is to get a dirndl and pretend you're at Oktoberfest! You could also reuse your bow-and-arrow from that Robin Hood costume you have tucked away in your closet, throw on some utilitarian clothing and become The Hunger Games heroine, Katniss. Just spray paint your hair reddish brown and keep holding up three fingers all...night...long and be The Girl NOT on Fire (because that would be a dangerous costume). The method: Mix up your go-to braid by doing a little Googling. Try "fishtail braid," "snake braid" or "double French braid."   And finally, if all else fails, you can try being a "Sexy Zombie Vampire Fill-in-the-Blank."

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