mhendrix Mar 13, 2012
We’re big fans of funky nail art, but sometimes it can be too tedious and complicated. So we were especially attracted (no pun intended) to the magnetic nail polish from Nails Inc. It’s like a traditional brush-on formula, but wave the magnetic cap over your nail—and voila...instant nail magic! The magnet makes cool, wavy lines appear in the polish for a stripe-y, almost-holographic effect. Here's how to nail it (literally). Start with base coat. It’s always smart to use a base coat when doing your nails, no matter the color. But since magnetic polish tends to come in dark shades, a base coat helps to ensure that when it’s time to take it off, your nails won’t be discolored. Layer up. Give yourself some time for a full blown, double-coat manicure—the magnetic effects show up best with two layers of polish. The magnet needs a thick coat of polish in order to attract the magnetic particles and create those fun, rippled lines. Work quickly. You have to paint and magnetize fast. Brush on your second coat of polish then flip the polish bottle's cap over and hold the magnet over your nail. Once polish is dry, the magnet can’t move it around. Boost shine. Magnetic polish gives you a 3D-like look, but it is lacking in the luminosity department. Finish off nails with a fast drying, high-sheen top coat, like Essie Good To Go Rapid Dry Top Coat.


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