Sep 1, 2016

Nail art isn’t the new kid on the beauty block by any means. In fact, it’s been a hot topic for years now, bringing with it a flood of talented nail artists that have rapidly taken over our social feeds. If you’re like us, you’ve probably looked at some of these amazing nail designs with serious envy and secretly pledged to become the Picasso of the nail art world … to no avail.

Nail art is much harder than it looks on YouTube—definitely not something that can be perfected overnight. Or is it? Since we’re into any and every tutorial that will help us fake it ‘til we make it, we jumped at the opportunity to learn how to create a nail art look that appears more complicated than it really is. Continue reading for a nail art tutorial that was made especially for beginners!


Easy Nail Art DIY


Manicure Supplies:


Step-by-step Nail Art Tutorial:


Step 1: Base Coat

Apply base coat to clean, bare nails.

Step 2: Apply White Nail Polish

Swipe on two coats of essie Coconut Cove to the top half of the nail. To create a straight  horizontal line across the nail bed, use a detail brush as it gives you more accuracy and precision. Pro Tip: After the white polish dries, apply a top coat to the polished portion only. This way, if you mess up the rest of the nail art design, the white portion won’t be affected.


Step 3: Add Pink Nail Polish Detail

Clean your detail brush and draw a line down straight down the edge of the nail using essie Berried Treasure, stopping just past the white polish. Pro Tip: When working with polish and a detail brush, use a small side dish to hold the polish you’re dipping from.


Step 4: Finish with Top Coat

Again, clean your detail brush and using the same pink polish draw a triangle within the white-polished area. The triangle should connect with the line you created in Step 3. Finish up by applying a top coat to the entire nail and allow a few minutes for it to dry.


Easy Nail Art  


Are you planning to recreate this nail art look at home? Tell us in the comments below!

Nail Artist: Christina Alves

Model: Janice Kim


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