If you’re like me, allotting time to spend on your hair is as unappealing as working extra hours on the weekends—no thank you. Plus, that messy “I totally didn’t try” look is in, right? Well…yes and no. There’s nothing wrong with unkempt waves or bed-head (not the actual “I just rolled out of bed look”), but there are those occasions when the laidback look should take a backseat to something a little more polished. So take that hairbrush and blowdryer out of hiding, set your alarm for just a wee bit earlier, and follow these styling tips from Natasha Sunshine, owner of Byu-ti/Pureology Salon. Start with good grooming If your hair is damaged, it’s going to be difficult to make it look good—no matter what. So start by giving it a little TLC, and stick to Sunshine’s golden rules: Fake it till you make it Even if you aren’t a styling pro (yet!), and even if you haven’t accumulated the right tools or products, there are ways to look polished—so save that messy topknot for home. There you have it: perfect hair made easy. What are your tricks for lustful locks?


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