Adina Zilberman Jun 18, 2012
Do you want to get the sexy lash look that Elizabeth Banks rocked at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards? Here's a neat little trick that makeup artists use to not only define the eyes, but also to make lashes instantly appear fuller and thicker. The technique is called tight-lining, and it really makes a whole world of difference. Tight-lining involves applying liner to the upper lashline, below your lashes. It's a scary concept, to say the least. Here is how you master it without poking yourself in the eye. To tight-line with ease, grab a square-tipped flat liner brush and a gel liner in a color of your choosing (we like Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in blackest black). Dip the brush into the gel. Holding the brush perpendicular to your eyeball, drag the tip of the brush across your lower lashline from the outer to inner corner. To avoid rapidly blinking, direct your eyes slightly out and down. Once you are done, take a step back and admire your handiwork. Not only will your eyes pop, but your lashes will appear denser without even touching a mascara wand. What are your tips for defining your eyes?

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Staff | Getty Images Entertainment



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