michelle phan em cosmetics Few and far between do we get to experience that cherished “pinch me” moment. For two up and coming vloggers, that moment came when beauty guru Michelle Phan reached out to her online community to help with a then upcoming project, launching her own brand new beauty line. Alba Garcia and Maya Washington got the once in a lifetime chance to work directly with Phan—they became models for the video tutorials hosted on the new “em” website and some of the first testers of the new products. MDC spoke with the two lovely ladies to hear more about their experience, must-have makeup, and future plans. How would you describe your overall experience working on the “em” line? Alba: Absolutely amazing. I was so inspired by Michelle and this was by far my biggest shoot! I’m about Michelle’s age and trying to reach people through video as well. I learned so much—from lighting to how to hold a product while on camera. Maya: It was so exciting to see the interworking of developing an entire beauty line. It was an honor when Michelle reached out to people in her community to get involved. It was really reassuring that she wants to work with real people to create real makeup. How would you describe Michelle after spending some time with her? Alba: So down to Earth. She is cool, friendly and real. Maya: She is exactly like she appears on YouTube: genuine, positive, and bubbly. She handles everything professionally and humbly. She is an all-around down to Earth, cool chick. Now that you have played with all of the products in the new line, which are the game-changers in your opinion? Alba: The shade play concealer color mixing palette. It is so great because skin tone can change from season to season and even day to day and this palette allows flexibility for the best possible coverage. Maya: The chiaroscuro contour and highlight stick. It is the perfect contour “kit” to travel with—great pigment that blends easily. The ideas for “em” came to Michelle in a dream. What is your dream? Alba: I currently have about 80 videos on my YouTube channel that show every day looks for the regular girl. I would love one day to have my own natural beauty products line that promote women to be themselves and also to sport natural hair. Maya: My YouTube channel shamelessmaya currently has 70+ videos, so I would like to share stories on a larger scale. I want to show women not to be afraid of who she is. I also would like to write a children’s book and work on film and TV appearances.   We’re giving you the chance to experience Michelle Phan’s new line em yourself! Click here to learn more about the Life Palettes and how you can score one in our exclusive giveaway. Photos: Courtesy of Alba Garcia and Maya Washington


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