Being a girl is tough (and no, we’re not being cliché). We spend all of our time, efforts and paychecks on looking and feeling our best, only to run into catastrophic beauty blunders on the daily. While some may be unavoidable, we at least take some solace in knowing that it all happens to the best of us. Let’s take a moment to bond over the beauty mistakes that put a wrench in our days.

Beauty Mistakes

1. The Infamous Sneeze & Smudge

You’ve just carefully applied coat after coat of mascara, only to feel a sneeze coming on. Your face squirms, you hold your nose, but still it comes — the mother of all sneezes. And, while you hope and pray your mascara hasn’t budged, lo and behold, it has migrated to your lower eye area. Congratulations, you have to start over. Or grab a spoolie and try this hack instead.

2. Waking Up to a Monster Zit

Waking up to a pimple the size of a blimp is like waking up from a nightmare, only this time, it’s real life. And when it does happen, it’s most likely because you have somewhere important to be. Thank the beauty gods for concealer, right?!

3.  When Your ONLY Hair Tie Breaks

Welp, that’s unfortunate. You went for that third twist and your over-used elastic decided to jump ship. We’re sure your coworker has a spare.  

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4. Shattering Your Brand New Makeup Compact

For the makeup obsessed, this is right up there with cracking your phone screen, but like, a million times worse. Don’t worry butterfingers, we’ve got the quick fix here.

5. Waiting for Your Nails to Dry & Mother Nature Calls

Of course the urge to use the potty didn’t hit you until you finished your mani! Do you hold it in? Or risk your freshly painted nails? Either way, the odds are not in your favor.

6. Over-Plucking Your Brows

Those magnified mirrors sure do have a way of playing tricks on us. You forgot a hair, and another, and another! And, now you have none left to pluck. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back brows:

7. Realizing Your Foundation Doesn’t Match Your Neck

That awkward moment you see your reflection in natural light and notice that your face and neck are two different colors. Are you still wearing your winter foundation in the spring or vice-versa? If so, that explains it. Otherwise, we suggest calling in sick and heading straight to a beauty counter for some color-matching magic. 

8. Fudging Up Your Cat Eye

Line one lid — perfection. Line second lid — looks like you applied during an earthquake. And in an effort to even everything out, you now have panda eyes. Awesome. While these tips can help, just remember for next time that liner can smell fear … 


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