Jul 3, 2012 Jennifer Hirshlag

5 Best Beauty Looks: Hot Stuff!

Triple-digit temperatures did not deter celebrities from pulling out all the stops on the red carpet this week. The heat and humidity instead inspired them to turn it up a notch, with hair, eyes and lips that offered modern updates on Sixties staples like the bouffant, cat eye and perfectly pale pout. The results weren't always polished. Who can prevent a smudge of shadow here or a shiny highlight there? But they were always sultry, and a positive reminder that it's still fun to be glamorous even when the thermometer has hit its breaking point.
WEEK OF JUNE 24, 2012

Who: Emma Stone
Where: Premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, California
When: June 28, 2012

Who: Blake Lively
Where: Premiere of Savages, California
When: June 25, 2012

Who: Olivia Munn
Where: Premiere of Magic Mike, California
When: June 24, 2012

Who: Victoria Beckham
Where: Launch of "Viva Forever," London
When: June 26, 2012

Who: Lana Del Rey
Where: London
When: June 24, 2012

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