Biotherm Unveils Its Holiday Charity Collection In Time For This Year’s #GivingTuesday

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year #givingtuesday is coming to Canada. Since we have two days that are great for the economy, we now have a day that is good for the community too.

Biotherm has just unveiled their holiday charity edition to support the world’s waters in honor of this #givingtuesday. The holidays are a season of traditions, sharing, and giving back so this collection of best-selling products is perfect. You can indulge your loved ones with a Biotherm healing skin miracle while giving back to the world’s ocean at the same time!

Biotherm has been creating seasonal charity editions to both protect skin but also to protect our planet’s blue heart since 2012. Their Water Lovers initiative raises funds for their charity partner Mission Blue. This year the proceeds will be donated to a critical research project on global warming in Norway!

There are three products included in this year’s limited edition holiday charity lineup and each of the products will make excellent gifts to treat your loved ones to! The lineup consists of the Life Plankton Essence, the Aquasource Gel, and the Lait Corporel. Each formula contains the extraordinary Life Plankton, which is considered to be one of the most unique regenerative ingredients of the beauty industry according to scientists. The essence is concentrated at 5% and offers a newborn skin in just 8 days!

These regenerating products are must-haves for winter and it’s so nice that while you’re treating you or your loved ones, you’re also making a difference in our planet! 

This year’s “Hope Spot” is home to many seabirds and supports polar bears, reindeer, and numerous marine mammals. Global warming is severely affecting this region in Norway. The ice is melting earlier in the spring and freezing later in the fall. This has a dramatic impact on the ecosystem. Arctic bird species are plummeting, and polar bears need the ice to hunt, travel, and breed. One of the main focuses of this research product will be to document these threats and raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on this vibrant ecosystem.

This #givingtuesday we encourage you to kick off the giving season and help give back to the planet at the same time. Biotherm’s limited edition holiday charity collection will be available from November 2017 exclusively online at


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