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Ever wondered what would be in Kristen Leanne’s perfect makeup collection? You can now find out and add the products to your collection too! Cruelty-free beauty influencer Kristen Leanne has teamed up with Urban Decay to bring you a fun collection that is sure to banish your winter blues! Kristen is known for bright colours, glitter, tattoos, and her full-of-life personality and the collection is certainly a reflection of that!


Kristen is known for her over the top glam makeup tutorials but she also creates amazing everyday makeup looks too, so whether you prefer your makeup to look bold or subtle, this collection has something for you! Kristen is a big advocate of self-expression and you can do exactly that with this fun yet wearable collection which is now available online!


The collection consists of:


Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette


This palette contains 11 vibrant shades that are perfect for creating day or night makeup looks. The palette is made up of “Spitfire” which is a bright pink satin with a purple shift, “Stay Gold” which is a metallic yellow gold, “Tajin” which is an orange matte, “LCW” which is a metallic teal and a nod to Kristen’s favourite song Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies, “TRM” which is a metallic deep navy hue, “Leo + Brixton” which is a duo featuring a holographic green pearl shift and a holographic red-green pearl shift and is the Instagram handle for her animals, “Lime Time” which is a metallic neon green, “13th Floor” which is a matte black named after one of Kristen’s favourite episodes of Twillight Zone, “Dye” which is a violet satin, and “Corona” which is a metallic soft bronze with gold shimmer.


The shadows are the same great quality you would expect from Urban Decay and the shade range is really incredible. You can easily create bold looks using this palette, but there are some neutrals thrown in there so you can create more wearable looks with ease too!



Daydream Eyeshadow Palette


While Kristen Leanne is certainly known for her intense makeup looks, she is also super talented at creating dreamy neutral eye looks too. With this palette you can too! Inside are 5 new shades: “Lucy” which is an ivory matte and a tribute to Lucille Ball, “Daydream” which is a soft nude matte, “12/12” which is a soft peach matte and also Kristen’s birthday, “Subscribe” which is a warm matte nude, and “Eight” which is a rich warm brown and also Kristen’s favourite number.


This palette is perfect if you love more natural makeup looks. You’ll love the shade range and the buttery formulas!



Beauty Balm Highlight Palette

Kristen Leanne loves a good highlighter so it only makes sense she would create a stunning palette to give your skin a beautiful glow! Inside are three stunning highlighters (a soft rose gold pearl, a white gold pearl, and a warm golden pearl) to amp up your look. These highlighters can be worn individually or layered for a custom glow!


Vice Lipsticks


Kristen has selected her 3 favourite Vice Lipsticks to include in the collection. These include “Bun Bun”, which is a comfort matte nude, “Cloud 9” which is a comfort matte magenta, and “Spellbound” which is a mega matte deep plum. Whether you like bold lips or nudes, you’ll love the selection!



Vice Liquid Lipstick Duo


This Urban Decay exclusive features two shades Kristen Leanne designed herself. “Forgive” is a pink-mauve nude and “Forget” is a light coral nude. Both hues will look amazing on any skin tone, making this set a must-have for lipstick junkies!



This fun collection is a must-have for spring makeup looks! I personally can’t wait to try the Daydream Eyeshadow Palette (I mean, how pretty is “12/12”?!) and the Vice Liquid Lipstick Duo. What will you be adding to your collection?

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