Beauty Vlogger Amena Khan Wears Hijab In L’Oreal Paris Hair Campaign |

As we progress forward in the beautyverse, it’s imperative that we stay socially aware, even if our own contributions are as small as making mindful decisions about the makeup products we choose to buy. Thankfully, there are forward-thinking higher-ups at some of our favorite beauty companies who get to make the decisions that consequently have a big impact.

Today, we’re happy to report that one of those impactful decisions just came to fruition at L’Oréal Paris UK — as the hair brand named British beauty blogger Amena Khan one of the new ambassadors of the Elvive World of Care Campaign. The line caters to a wide range of hair types, and there’s no doubt L’Oréal chose the right gal to represent.

“How many brands are doing things like this? Not many,” Khan told Vogue UK. “They’re literally putting a girl in a headscarf ― whose hair you can’t see ― in a hair campaign. Because what they’re really valuing through the campaign is the voices that we have.”

With 571k followers on Instagram and as a co-founder of Ardere Cosmetics, the beauty influencer is a force to be reckoned with. Now, she’s officially adding another credit to her resume: the first hijab-wearing woman to be featured in a mainstream hair campaign. We’re ready to see more inclusive beauty campaigns and see this as a major win.


A game changing new campaign!!! 👏🏽❤️ So... lately I’ve had a complex relationship with my hair feeling lacklustre. When I take off my scarf, I want my hair to be more radiant - don’t we all? 🙆🏽‍♀️✨ I’m so excited and incredibly proud to announce that I‘m part of the new L’Oreal Paris Elvive World of Care Campaign which showcases Elvive’s breadth of products catering to a wide range of demanding hair types. I’m The Pink One which has been specially formulated for dull hair to boost shine. @lorealhair #WORLDOFCARE #ELVIVEXRANKIN #ALLWORTHIT #AD

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