The Best Makeup Tutorials...Well, Ever

November 30, 2018
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The Best Makeup Tutorials...Well, Ever

Makeup has been a ritual in human culture for centuries, but these days the looks, products and techniques seem to change by the minute. Though we certainly draw inspiration from Cleopatra’s cat eye or Marilyn Monroe’s bright red lip, today’s makeup routines look quite a bit different than years’ past.

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving world of cosmetics, we’ve gathered all the best makeup tips, tricks, styles and techniques and put them together in one beautiful list. No matter the occasion, we have the answers to all your makeup questions all wrapped up in this makeup tutorial guide. Without further ado — find all your makeup answers ahead.

Choosing the Right Makeup for You

Choosing the right foundation, blush and bronzer for your coloring, complexion and lifestyle is of the utmost importance to the rest of your beauty routine. If you’re having some trouble finding the right basics for your skin tone and type, we’ve rounded up exactly how.

Basic Makeup Application for Lips, Face and Eyes

Makeup is an art form. No, really, it is. When done right, it can make your face look like a flawless, blemish-free masterpiece. But, when done wrong, you can look blotchy or clown-like — and no one wants that. We don’t wish the latter on anyone, so we want to fill you in on our most-beloved makeup application tricks and tips, including how to contour, how to apply primer like a pro and the ultimate makeup application guide.

How to Make Sure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

We’ve all had those magical days when everything is going well in the makeup department: Your foundation is even and flawless, your mascara has your lashes looking long and lovely and your lips are lined to perfection. Then, 5 o’clock comes around, you take a look in the mirror and suddenly your self-esteem takes a nosedive. The foundation is blotchy, your mascara has cast a strange shadow along your lower lash line and your lip color is MIA. Yikes! You deserve to have perfect, long-lasting makeup that withstands even the toughest of days, so we’ve compiled our best tips on how to keep your face looking fresh all day long including the best setting sprays and the ultimate makeup kit.

How to Remove Makeup the Right Way

Makeup is meant to stick with you while you’re out and about. But when it’s time to hit the hay, you gotta take it off (seriously, that’s an order). Believe it or not, makeup removal is just as important as the application process. One wrong, haphazard move and you could be putting your skin at risk for clogged pores, irritation, acne and general ickiness. You don’t want to go down that road, right? We’ve divulged exactly how to remove makeup like a pro, the best glitter makeup removers and how to safely remove mascara from lash extensions.

How to Add Color to Your Makeup Routine

Makeup is our favorite form of art. The color palettes open up so many doors of opportunity, but also bring with them a few questions and concerns. Can I pull off purple eyeshadow? Is bright blue eyeliner flattering on me? Will coral lipstick work with my skin tone? We’ve put together tutorial roundups, monochrome color stories, and colorful eyeliner tutorials to satisfy your chroma desires!

Office Makeup 101 

When we’re on the clock, we tend to play it safe and keep the makeup to a minimum. While we love clean and natural no-makeup makeup, we also want to encourage you to push the boundaries at work. Truthfully, you can add a little flair to your office routine while still keeping it professional.

Makeup Tips for the Busy Girl

Many of us don’t have the luxury (or patience) of spending hours applying makeup. Between our work schedules, exercise routines, social lives and other commitments, we just don’t have the time to stop and check our winged eyeliner or fill in our eyebrows. We get it, but just because you’re a busy girl who’s constantly on-the-go, doesn’t mean you should settle for less-than-perfect makeup. Don’t fret if you fall into this category —because we created the perfect full face tutorial that can be done with just one product, making your routine a whole lot quicker.

Fitness Beauty and the Best Workout Makeup Tips

Let’s face it. Working out doesn’t exactly lend itself to a perfect, flawless complexion. It usually involves a lot of sweat and very little cat eye. However, If you want to add a little cosmetic to your face to make you feel a little more put together, check out perfect makeup for the gym.

Jet Set Beauty 

Everyone loves a little (or big!) getaway. But, let’s be honest, sometimes planes, trains and automobiles can take a toll on your face. It’s hard to look your best after a long, 8-hour plane or train ride with stuffy air, cramped quarters and little-to-no sleep. Hard, but not impossible. We broke down exactly how to pack for a weekend trip, the best palettes to bring, and even what kind of makeup flight attendants stick to.

Waterproof Makeup for Summer

Water. Isn’t it funny that as much as it’s a life necessity, it can mean death to any and all makeup you might be wearing when it hits your face? It’s the main culprit behind runny mascara, smeared eyeliner and vanishing foundation, whether it’s from splashes from the pool or drip drops of rain. Is there a way to stay on friendly terms with water andkeep our makeup in place? Indeed there is, and you can learn more about it in this perfect beach makeup tutorial for minimalists, maximalists and everyone in between.

Makeup Looks for Your Wedding

When you’re dealing with the most important day of your life, you want to look like the best version of yourself.  Here are the makeup wedding looks you should rock according to your zodiac sign, the best DIY bridal makeup tutorials, and GRWM playlist to get you pumped for the big day.

Makeup Looks for Date Nights

Nothing gets our adrenaline pumping quite like date night. Dates (especially first ones) bring endless opportunities and the possibility of something new and exciting. We put together the best fool-proof lipsticks that will get you through a kiss, the best hair perfumes to make your tresses smell sweet, and a pretty beauty gift guide for your next Valentine’s Day. Just call us Cupid.

Girl’s Night Out Makeup

Now that we have date night out of the way, let’s move on to one of life’s other necessities: Girls’ night out. Yes, it’s a necessity. A night out with the girls and engaging in much-needed girl talk and dancing is essential to rejuvenating the soul. It’s also a chance to let your hair down and have a little fun with your look. Winged eyeliner, bright lips and bold shadow are all on the menu for GNO, and we’re all about it. If you gals prefer to stay in, no worries — we also rounded up the best rubber skincare masks if you have a date with popcorn and a movie instead.

Festive Holiday Makeup

Holiday season is all about the festive gatherings. From tacky sweater parties, to glam company soirees, it’s safe to say your winter months are typically packed with all sorts of events that require you to look smashing. We love getting glammed up and want to be the ones to help you look your best, no matter the theme or agenda, so check out our cool red holiday cat eye, bold all over glitter, or a more subtle monochrome gold look for your next event.

Dramatic Tutorials

Makeup is an especially fun way to step out of our comfort zone and try something radical and different. Over the years, we’ve found some fun ways to upgrade our looks and give ourselves a much-needed walk on the wild side. A few of our out of the box favorites are how to feather eyeliner, how to wear neon eye makeup artand even how to master the two-toned lip trend.

Metallic Makeup to Make You Shine

There’s something about metallics that makes us feel extra glam. Gold, silver and bronze finishes seem to add a luxurious touch to everything they, er, touch. This is especially true for makeup. There’s nothing quite like metallic makeup to spice up a look, so we rounded up the best metallic lip looks, how to nail gold monochrome metallic and how to rock glitter on your eyes and lips.

Lip Service Tutorials for a Pretty Pout

Lipstick is the perfect boost for those days you’re feeling not-so-cute. Even with the most simple and bare makeup looks, this little tube of color has a way of adding a spark of life and pizazz to your face that sends your self-esteem soaring. To master the lip look every single time, here’s how to pair lip liner with a gloss, how to transform a glossy lipstick into a matte one, and how to create your own DIY lip balm.

How To Nail The Smoky Eye

Ahhh, the smoky eye. Right up there with red lipstick, this classic makeup look has been a long-beloved go-to for ladies looking to turn up the smolder. While gray and black shadows have been the most popular hues for creating some smoke, we think it’s important for you to think outside the box — and that’s why we spotlighted this soft smoky eye look, created this red smoky eye tutorial, and mastered the blown out shadow look.

How To Complete The Ultimate Cat Eye

The cat eye is having a moment, and has been for some time now. No longer just a simple, sharp black wing, this look has evolved to include unique shapes, colors and patterns. We’ve covered this catty look from multiple angles and have offered all types of cat eye tutorials to fit any and all occasions, like these white liner versions, pretty pastels, and breathtaking rainbow finish.  

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