Best Silk Pillowcases for Beauty Sleep |
Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

While different hair types have different needs, there’s one topic on which we all tend to agree: split ends. They’re the bane of many hair-possessing humans’ existence, and even if we come by them differently, they can happen to the best (and laziest) of us. Split ends occur due to dryness, which can happen for a variety of reasons — one of the biggest culprits being your cotton pillowcase. Cotton tends to scratch and tug on your hair, which can lead to more breakage, but luckily there are alternatives to your cotton pillowcase to save your ends. Enter the silk pillowcase — a longtime curly-haired girl’s favorite — which protects hair and skin by allowing your face and follicles to glide across your pillow throughout the night. We’ve rounded up our favorite options ahead, all of which will add a little luxury into your night time routine.

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