Tembe Denton-Hurst Apr 24, 2018

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If you’ve been spending your days staring out the window and hoping that summer will magically appear, you’ve probably started visualizing yourself slaying all the cookouts and late-night drinks, too. Summer slays are our favorite because the sun is there to lend it’s natural #wokeuplikethis lighting, and you can get away with skipping the foundation and rocking some expertly placed concealer instead. This summer we’re predicting bronze, glowy looks, dewy skin and bold liner looks, to name a few.

Keep reading for our favorite summer makeup trends (and how to get them), ahead:

Bronze Goddess Makeup Looks

Glow is in, and it isn’t going anywhere. This summer we predict you’ll see lots of blinding highlights, gold shades on the eye and nude glosses to match. Want to get the look? Try this tutorial by Alissa Ashley and get the look at home!

No-Makeup Makeup Looks

While rocking a full face during the summer can be achieved, we like to pare down our summer makeup routines to the bare minimum and keep our makeup looks quick and casual. Enter the no-makeup makeup look, the perfect solution to our summer makeup woes. Watch one of our favorite tutorials by Desi Perkins to get the look, ahead:



Bold Lips and Nothing Else

It’s no secret that summer brings warm weather, and with that, the inevitability of moisture on your skin. While there are lots of sweat-proof foundations that will keep your face on lock all day, it’s also nice to rock a bold lip that can be touched up throughout the day, and nothing else. Watch Valeria Lipovetsky work her magic, ahead:



Pastel Liner

In case you missed it, the iconic black cat eye is making room at the top for its bright, poppy sister pastel liner. While this makeup look might seem daring at first glance, it’s an easy way to take a makeup look to the next level without having to try anything (too) new. See it in action with Sondradeluxe, ahead:




Colored Mascara

Colored mascara has been around for eons, but now it’s back in full force for summer. Try a fun shade like fuschia or yellow for an unexpected pop of color. Want to tone it down? Try a deep neutral shade like navy blue or purple — work appropriate and fun. Watch Patrick Starr take this look to the next level, below:



Monochromatic Makeup

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with monochrome makeup looks — there’s just something about one color all over that makes our beauty editor hearts sing. Want to try it for yourself? Experiment with an all-over shade that translates from lips to face — think pink! YouTuber Itsmyrayeraye keeps it neutral in her tutorial:



About the Author:Tembe Denton-Hurst hails from Brooklyn, NY, but if you ask her, the answer will be much more complicated. She's passionate about YouTube, storytelling and swatching everything she can get her hands on. When the assistant beauty editor isn't brainstorming crazy ideas for, she's lurking on Reddit, spending time with her cats Stella and Dakota or asking obvious questions.

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