Angela Melero Jan 26, 2016

For many of us ladies, marriage proposals are something we’ve dreamed about since childhood. We think about the perfect man who says the perfect words and presents us with the perfect ring. Then comes the necessary next step: proceed to take the perfect selfie to blast on all social media channels, so that the world can know our perfect news. Rings true, doesn’t it? Everyone has a right to capturing and sharing this life-changing moment and we want your engagement ring selfie (yes, it’s a thing) to look just right. We’ve compiled three tips to help you make that moment as picturesque as it is in your mind.

Engagement Ring Selfie

1. Check Your Cuticles

If your cuticles are looking cracked, dry and/or just plain gross, there’s a very big chance no one will be noticing that pretty sparkling rock on your finger. Instead the attention will be turning to your shabby nails (yikes!). Avoid judgment in this all-important moment by keeping your cuticles and nails in tip-top shape.. Implement a cuticle treatment and hand moisturizer so you will be prepared to take that engagement ring selfie any time, day or night.

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2. Get the Right Mani

Along with clean, healthy cuticles, your nails should be equally lovely and ready to complement an engagement ring. This can be tricky, as you don’t want your nails to overshadow or clash with your diamond. If you know your significant other might be popping the question, make sure you’re rocking the right mani. While crazy nail art or patterns may not be the best options, a chic classic nail polish shade ranging from nude to red will work well! If you want to go the textured route, try a glitter or metallic mani that will add some oomph to the image without overpowering it.

3. Make Sure Your Makeup Is On-Point, Too

Engagement ring selfies often include an actual face shot, typically featuring a look of surprise, joy, tearfulness and/or all of the above. Keep a powder compact and some lipstick or gloss handy to make sure your selfie is as picture-perfect as can be. And, don’t forget to clean up any runny mascara before you snap that photo!

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