Karie Frost Sep 13, 2012
The recent announcement that Maybelline New York is adding edgy stunner Freja Beha Erichsen to its roster of fabulous faces shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; the cosmetics brand has long been a supporter of supemodels that break the conventional beauty mold. Take, for example, longtime Maybelline spokesmodel Erin Wasson. She merges effortless surfer-chic with a rock attitude, and can be found sporting smudged eyeliner and chicly disheveled sun-kissed hair one day and next to nothing the next. Or there is new Maybelline face Charlotte Free, who isn't afraid to pair her signature faded pastel-pink tresses with gold eye glitter and silver arm glitter. We caught up with Wasson and Free at Fashion’s Night Out and discovered that their beauty secrets are just as cool as their unconventional beauty—and if you’re wondering how cool that is, it’s very cool. ERIN WASSON She follows the two Cs—condition and conceal—and won’t go without her SPF 50. You always describe your fashion sense as tomboyish, but how do you describe your beauty? I think my beauty is very natural. I’ve lived in California for ten years and I take on the idealism of keeping things very low-key and accentuating your great features, but never overdoing anything. Speaking of great features: What do you do to keep your hair looking healthy? With me it’s all about moisture. So, conditioner, conditioner, conditioner! I spend so much time in the ocean and the salt really dries it out. I use it all—leave-in conditioner, conditioning masks and a really good silicone—because my hair is really wild on its own! Do you have a favorite leave-in conditioner? Biolage—it smells so good. And I use their Intensive Strengthening Masque as well. Do you color your hair, or are these highlights all the sun's handiwork? I do color it, but I only color my base because I have gray hair. Is there one makeup item you simply can’t live without? Probably concealer. I like to make my face look as flawless as I possibly can without using too much makeup. And then I love mascara. Since you’re in the sun a lot, how do you protect your skin? La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50. I use it religiously. Face and chest, girl, face and chest! Is there anything that you absolutely must carry with you all the time? Lip balm. CHARLOTTE FREE Give her glitter. And then give her more. You’re from California, so we have to know. California beauty versus New York beauty—what’s the difference? In California you’re protecting your skin from the sun; here you have to protect your skin from the air. It’s just totally different. What do you wear to protect your pores? I like to be covered with a BB cream; it’s light, it doesn’t let anything get in and it does the job. Is there one item you carry around with you day in, day out? My Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm because my lips are always really dry. Especially in California, the air is so dry that your lips look like crap all the time. We know you’re adventurous with your hair, and it seems you’re adventurous with your makeup too!  I’m obsessed with glitter. I think my whole kit is filled with glitter. I had the makeup artist cover my arms in it! So would you say a cat eye and glitter is your go-to look? I don’t really do my makeup all the time. But when I choose to do it, I go all out. When I go all out, I’ll line my eyes, do full-on mascara, just really do a full eye look.I don’t really need to do the natural makeup look. I’ll just go with none if that’s the aim. And you’re wearing a matte lip. That’s a big trend right now. Yeah, I just go for it. Go for it all. Do everything! We love that! All at once! So let’s talk about your hair. It took me 30 seconds to do this topknot. It’s very New York. And it looks so great with your hair color. What do you use to color your hair pink? I always use Manic Panic. It’s my favorite. It actually lasts quite long. And it’s a look to let grow out? [Free’s roots to midlengths are now bleached blonde while her ends are pastel pink.] Yeah, I don’t even really dye-it dye it; I just put the color in and let it do whatever. It always fades to just a really nice grown-out look. With all the coloring that you do, how do you keep your hair healthy? I have to do a deep treatment on it every one to two weeks. I use Giovanni. It’s super-cheap, but it works just as well as an expensive treatment. There’s this whole haircolor revolution going on, and it seems like you’ve helped usher that along. I’ve had so many girls say to me, “You’ve helped me do what I want to do with my look.” That’s the best thing I could ever hear. I love that about my job.

Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline New York



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