We don’t know about you, but the gals here at Makeup.com are always on the lookout for ways to streamline our busy schedules. Between our jobs, social lives, workout routines and everything else in between, there are days when we feel like we hardly have time to breathe let alone get a manicure.

Thankfully, it seems the team at essie understands just how real the nail struggle is and decided to take action with its latest launch: Gel Couture. The brand recently sent us some samples of the new line (available next month), and we are officially obsessed. The new innovative long-lasting formula is a busy girl’s dream, as it eliminates the need for a weekly visit to the nail salon. The only problem now involves figuring out a way to break up with our manicurists – no, really; it’s not you, it’s us?

Essie Gel Couture

It Lasts Up to 2 Weeks

The Gel Couture line features a gel formula that, in addition to being chip-resistant, lasts up to 14 days. And, at about $12 a bottle, Gel Couture is the very definition of a beauty bargain. So not only do you have some time freed up, but you are also saving where it really counts … your wallet. Music to your ears?

No Appointment Necessary 

What if we also told you these little bad boys can be used at-home and don’t require specialized UV light to dry? Seriously, all you need is two coats of the polish, followed by the brand’s Gel Couture top coat and you’re out the door. We bet you’re hearing a full-blown symphony right now!

There Are 42 Shades. OMG.

Essie is known for its vast portfolio of colors. With 42 polish shades in the line, Gel Couture almost rivals the brand’s classic polishes when it comes to color options. Ranging from nudes and pinks to bright reds and blues, the mani possibilities are endless.

That Brush Though 

If you’re like us, the concept of doing your own nails brings up images of shaky hands, polish-smeared fingers and heated disagreements with your nail polish remover. One of Gel Couture’s coolest features is its tapered, angular brush that is designed to hug the nail and allow for a more precise and mess-free application. You no longer have to be Picasso to do an at-home manicure. And we now that we’ve seen the light, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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