Diana Crisan Aug 24, 2016

A pop of color … a hint of shine. Sounds like we’re describing lip gloss doesn’t it?

Well, close, but not quite. Picture the same shinning powers of your fave lippie, but for your nails. And no, we’re not putting lip gloss on our freshly polished manis (although, that does sound interesting … and v messy).

Instead, our manicures are getting glossier than ever before with essie gel setter 3D pop tints—tinted, gel-like top coats that instantly transform any shade into three dimensional color! And thanks to essie, you’ll find us in the Makeup.com HQ sealing our polish with these pop tints.

Just follow the scent of nail polish to hear our thoughts ...




Not Just Gel, Not Just Color

You found us!

This is no ordinary, clear-cut top coat. Not only does it work like a gel, without the use of LED or UV lamps, but it’s also enriched with transformative color pigments to take your mani from glossy to *gleaming* with just one coat.

And with names like “inflight delight”, a blush pink tint, “royal sky service”, a royal lilac tint, and “birds eye blue”, a sky blue-tinted top coat, who wouldn’t want to up the (mani) ante?!

Just start by applying an essie base coat, followed by two coats of your favorite shade of essie polish. Then, seal it off with one of the three essie gel setter 3D pop tints for a three dimensional pop of color!


Which 3D Pop Tint color-combo are you most interested in trying?



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