Sep 11, 2017

With every Fashion Week look comes a lot of trial and error for the makeup and hair teams behind the scenes. And truth be told, finding the perfect nail look is no different. We went backstage to the nail test of Monse Spring 2018 with Essie Artist Rita Remark to go through the trial and tribulations of what it takes to nail down a look (pun intended), and it all starts with the collection’s inspiration.

“The show is going to take place in a gymnasium, so they’re gonna look very athletic, sporty, preppy,” Remark says. “Like a true American girl – stars and stripes, just great colors I’m so inspired by.” Monse is all about the team players, and Remark notes that she plans to carry that concept over to the nail: “Right now we’re playing with different variations of that idea, whether it be stripes, whether it be monogrammed nails.”



Remark starts off her test by prepping the nails as she would any other manicure, and follows up with Essie First Base Base Coat. As for her palette: “Right now I’m seeing bright bold reds, deep navys, whites,” Remark says, as she proceeded to paint bold red, blue and white test stripes – using the likes of Essie’s Russian Red, Midnight Cami and Blanc. The signature M for Monse also made an appearance at the test, in a bold, letterman navy and red stripe.


As for what actually made it to the runway, the look wasn’t very different from what Remark originally anticipated. She created the striped nail look for fingers and toes with a high-gloss finish meant to mimic the glow of a gym floor. And on each thumb, Remark outlined the letter M (for Monse, of course) using Essie colors Really Red and Blanc.

You’ll Need: Essie shades First Base Base Coat, Blanc, Really Red, Allure and Speed Setter Top Coat.

To Get The Manicure Look:

1. Start with First Base Base Coat.

2. Add two thin stripes of Blanc vertically down the middle of each nail with a strpping brush, leaving the thumb bare.

3. With another striping brush dipped in Really Red, draw an uppercase “M” in the middle of each thumb. Once dry, go back and outline the letter with Blanc.

4. Brush on Speed Setter Top Coat for stand-out shine.

To Get the Pedicure Look:

1. Apply First Base Base Coat.

2. Add a coat of Allure.

3. Create two stripes of Blanc down the center of the nails with a striping brush.

4. Add another layer of Allure to soften the look of the lines of Blanc.

5. Finish with Speed Setter Top Coat for high shine.



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