Photo: Essie

Essie will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It’s our go-to brand for when we need a new nail polish shade in a moment’s notice, and it’s also quite possibly one of the most-photographed nail polish lines of all time. The iconic, square-shaped bottle just looks so good our vanities, and we’re particularly obsessed with organizing the lil bottles in a way that would make even Marie Kondo proud . To make your Essie collection that much more spectacular, the brand just launched a limited-edition Valentine’s Day collection for 2019, featuring six new shades of glitter and shimmer formulas. The best part? For the first time ever, the bottles are themed, which, in our opinion, means they’re begging to be collected.

Ahead, get your first look at all six shades of the new Essie nail polishes. Be warned, you’re going to want one full set to wear and one set to hoard and show your children in ten years — you can thank us for this helpful hint later.

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