ajackson Nov 28, 2011
As a beauty writer and self-proclaimed nail polish zealot, it’s the one question my friends and family are ALWAYS asking me: “How do I prevent my new manicure from chipping?” I try my best to provide my loved ones with a feasible answer—do thinner layers…dip tips in ice cold water…try a blowdryer—but in all honesty I’m just as clueless (whew, glad I got that off my chest). So, I turned to my manicure fairy godmother Essie Weingarten, who really knows everything there is to know about nails, for her no-chip secrets. Friends and family, listen to her…not me! Push it good Start by pushing back cuticles with cuticle oil. Then thoroughly wash and clean nails. If there is any residue on the nails it will prevent a basecoat from adhering. Pick your bases wisely Your first application of polish is the base coat. Be sure to choose the correct base coat depending on your nail type and needs. For example, if your nails don’t hold on to polish well, try essie first base basecoat which has an adhesive base. If your nails are sensitive, try essie sensitivity base coat, which is a hypoallergenic formula (both available in salons). Use the three-swipe rule Then apply a thin layer of nail color. Begin with the first even application of polish down the middle, followed by an application down both sides of the nail. This will result in an even application of color.  Wait two minutes in between coats, and repeat. Top it off Next, apply a top coat to help seal the polish and extend the life of the polish. Essie Good to Go allows the polish to dry quickly, and your nails will last and look like you just walked out of a salon.


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