It’s time  to discuss a crucial, yet oft forgotten part of your beauty routine: pedicures. Most importantly, we need to clear up a common misconception. There’s no such thing as “pedicure season.” In other words,  you can’t neglect your feet just because they’ll be buried in socks and boots until spring.


Keep reading to find out why pedicures are always in season.. Don’t fight it—just do it!


 Every Season Is Pedicure Season


1.  Pedicures are Good for You, According to Science  

Getting a pedicure is an act of self-love, as caring for yourself leads to a happier, healthier you. Think about it, when you go to the salon and get  a pedicure, you get a foot massage, too. Though small, this massage can increase circulation. And the warm water that you soak your feet in can actually decrease stiffness and joint pain. Health, FTW!


2. Don’t Discriminate, Exfoliate

Your skin needs exfoliation all year round. And we’re not just referring to the skin on your face. If one foot can exfoliate the other, get a pedicure. Even if it’s February, get a pedicure.


3. Colors, colors, colors

Endless shades of nail polish are just waiting to make their debut. Each season brings with it a new color palette  for your latest nail art masterpiece. We like orange nail polish for fall, a heavy dose of gold glitter for winter, pastels  in the springtime and nude shades are a must for summer!


4. Your Sheets Will Thank You  

The only thing worse than getting into bed and forgetting to turn off the lights is sliding between your sheets only to feel the skin on your heels catch (and snag!) your new microfiber sheets. If you want your sheets to remain silky smooth, keep up with your pedicure regimen.  


5. Feeling Put Together Starts with Your  Head and Ends with Your Feet

You know  those days where you feel a little blah, but then you wash your hair and shave your legs and then you’re ready to take on the world? Well, getting a pedicure can also take you from “meh” to on fleek in minutes. ! Cold outside or not, you just never know when you’ll end up barefoot around others, so tidy up those toes tidied to accentuate  your power pose!


6.  Because ... Treat Yo’ Self

No matter the season treating yourself is always in style. Sometimes sitting down to get a pedicure is the only “you time” you’ll get in a month’s time.  It’s a great hour for resting your eyes, flipping through a magazine and scrolling through your Instagram. Go ahead, and treat yo’ self.  



When’s the last time you got a pedicure? Be honest in the comments below.


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