Sep 30, 2010
There are certain creatures for whom everyday adjectives and verbs simply won't suffice. Megan Fox is one of those creatures to me. She doesn't just walk—she slinks. She's not just pretty—she's luscious. She doesn't just speak—she purrs. I could go on and on. So when I saw photos of her stepping out earlier this week to the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan, I was surprised by her uncharacteristically demure outfit. I assumed she'd slink up to the show in some glittery confection, but instead she chose a simple black dress, snug gray blazer, and slicked-back ponytail. But then my eyes zeroed in on her makeup and, Ah yes! Now there's the delectable bombshell to whom I've dedicated a special set of vocab. The hot pink lips, the fluttery lashes—it was all so perfectly Fox-y. For the skinny on her look, I phoned the wonderfully talented makeup artist who created it: Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty's celebrity face designer.Tim revealed that the Giorgio show was only his second time working with Megan—and the first had been just the day before for the Emporio Armani show, where he did her signature vixen-red-lips look. But by day two, Timmy and Megs had bonded, so he felt comfortable enough to try something a little different on the star. "The Emporio show included a lot of bright hydrangea pink in the clothes, so I had that color in my head," he said. "When I sat down with Megan the next day to do her makeup for the Giorgio show, she had the high ponytail and the elegant outfit, so I didn’t want to overdo her makeup. I had just come from working backstage with Linda [Cantello], who created navy smoky eyes for the Giorgio collection, so I thought, since, Why not bring these pink and navy colors from the runway to Megan's makeup?" And so, using a mix of Giorgio Armani Beauty cosmetics, a new Megan Fox makeup style was born. What did the star think of the look? "She loved it!," said Tim. "She's so sweet and down to earth. She even tried to give me back the red lipstick I'd given her the day before for the Emporio show. I was like, 'No, really, you're allowed to keep it!'" Here's how Tim created Megan's look for the Giorgio show: EYES - First, Tim lined the eyes top and bottom with black eye pencil (Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in No. 4), pushing the color up into her lashes so it was tight against her eyes. On her top lashes, he traced over the black with navy pencil (Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in No. 3) and navy eye shadow (Maestro Eye Shadow in No. 17). - For subtle definition, he swept a coppery-bronze shadow (Maestro Eye Shadow in No. 20) on her lids. - To create mega lashes, he snipped two false eyelash strips in half (Tim used Shu Uemura Slant Black false lashes) and, using the half with the outer lashes from each, glued it to her lid at the outer corner. He pumped things up even more with Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara, a super-black, super-volumizing version of the best-selling mascara that comes out in November. SKIN - Tim dusted Megan's temples, cheeks, and jawline with a soft golden bronzer (Sheer Bronzer No. 5 Golden Sand) and added a pale rose blush with golden shimmer (Sheer Blush No. 10 Beige) on her cheeks. LIPS - For the hot pink lips, Tim used Rouge d’ Armani lipstick in No. 602. "With her fair complexion and dark hair, I wanted to use a bright blue-ish pink, and this plum-fuchsia color really complemented her." PHOTO FROM JUST JARED


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