Do your arches need some support? Before picking up that brow pencil, watch this simple, five-step makeup tutorial for bold, Cara Delevingne-like eyebrows.

Here’s to raising your brow like a #BOSS!



Step 1. Brush Eyebrows

Brush eyebrows upwards using a clean spoolie.


Step 2. Shape Eyebrows

Line eyebrows with a pencil to give them added shape and fullness.


Step 3. Fill in Eyebrows

Using an angled definer brush, fill eyebrows in with a powder that’s slightly darker than your natural brow shade.


Step 4. Define with Concealer

Apply concealer directly below your eyebrow arch—along your brow bone—to create a defined, clean and sharp look. Blend out completely with a small, angled concealer brush or your finger.


Step 5. Set Eyebrows

Set your eyebrows with a tinted brow gel to keep them ‘on point’ all day long.



Did this tutorial help you whip your brows into shape? Share some of your go-to brow hacks with us in the comments below!



Model: Natasha Martinez

Makeup: Marjan Tabibzada

Video: Jessica Schramm

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