Jun 17, 2014 Deven Hopp Spotlight

The Eyebrow Shaping Tip That Will Change Your Brows for the Better

We’ve all gotten sucked in to the magnifying mirror. The temptation factor is undeniably very high, especially when you’re holding a pair of tweezers. Getting up close and personal with your brows is fine — up to a point. Until you’ve tweezed your brows to what you thought was perfection, only to realize your brows are far too thin.


Eyebrows Shaping Trick BOP

Avoid the temptation to over-tweeze by remembering this simple tip next time you pick up those tweezers: Step back from the mirror every third hair and alternate the eyebrow you’re working on when you do so.

This seemingly minor tip actually makes a major difference, helping you see your brows as whole — not just as individual hairs — and ensuring you don’t tweeze too much from one eyebrow before you’ve tackled the other.

Do you shape your own brows or go to a professional? Let us know in the comments.

Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography

Makeup: Elyse Reneau

Model: Lily Berlina



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